Make Your Listing Stand Out In Search

Olga Mizrahi is a Superhost who opens her three-bedroom ski lodge in California to travellers from around the world. She’s also a design and marketing expert whose work has been featured in magazines such as Forbes, Inc., and Fast Company. As a host educator at Airbnb Open 2016, Olga shared four proven strategies for making your listing stand out:

Focus on what makes your space unique:

Airbnb offers more than two million listings. To help you convey why guests should choose yours above the others, Olga suggests creating a “unique value proposition.” Take a few minutes to think about the appealing, one-of-a-kind assets that make your listing special: Can you say you’ll supply extra soft sheets? A gorgeous view? A short walk to a major attraction? Consider modifying your listing description and title to really focus on these advantages. You can attract more attention and more bookings if you highlight your listing’s strengths.

Use your reviews:

Olga recommends looking at your reviews to find details to include in your listing description. What, exactly, is it about your hospitality and listing that attracts your best guest ratings? Taking account of real opinions from real travellers is the most reliable way to find out.

Think like a guest:

By using precise and accurate language to describe what your space offers, you can boost your listing’s appeal to travellers looking for particular amenities. Olga’s listing in Mammoth Lakes emphasises its convenient parking, for instance, because she knows from experience that skiers love it when they can haul their ski gear into the listing easily. She also makes sure to point out that her home has a wood-burning fireplace because she knows skiers love to unwind in front of the fire after a day on the slopes.

Stay with a local host:

About 60% of hosts have never traveled with Airbnb as a guest. Olga advises every host to try a one-night “staycation” at a fellow host’s home near you. During the visit, pay close attention to your interactions with the host, the check-­in and check-out process, and the overnight experience. The visit will help you come up with ideas about how to elevate the hospitality you provide.