What Being an Airbnb Guest Can Teach You About Better Hosting

Are you current or soon to be an Airbnb host?

Better question: Have you ever been an Airbnb guest?

Why should you be an Airbnb guest regularly

More and more listings are coming onto the platform. Hosts are getting smarter and more competitive.  And the tastes and preferences of Airbnb guests are changing and evolving.

If you’re not going out there to experience the ecosystem as a Airbnb guest, you’re going to be flying blind as a host.

So if you haven’t been an Airbnb guest in 6 months or more, go book your next trip on Airbnb!

If you’ve stayed in entire home rentals, then stay in a private room…those hosts may offer something that you can adapt to your own Airbnb property.

For those that have been guests, seeking a diverse set of guest experiences will allow you to experience the art of hosting from different hosts coming at it from different angles.

Walk in the shoes of an Airbnb guest to truly understand their experience

If you’ve never been one?  You don’t know your customer. You don’t truly understand their needs.

You have no idea what it’s like to search for listings and reaching out to hosts with questions.

You don’t know what the search experience is like when you’re actually SPENDING REAL MONEY, trying to appease travel companions, feeling like you got a good deal, and wanting to make sure you’re actually getting what you think you’re getting.

What are you looking for in pictures? What titles catch your eye? Which listings do you click to see from the search results?

Which hosts did you reach out to? How and when they did respond to you?

How did you ultimately choose the winning listing to book with?

What was your communication with the host after booking?  Did you have any unanswered questions?

There are stresses that Airbnb guests face that you will NEVER have perspective on if you don’t also as a Airbnb guest.

So go travel, book on Airbnb, and take tons of notes throughout the ENTIRE experience.

Find things you do like and do those.

Find things that annoy you and avoid doing that for your listing.

If you cannot afford a far-off trip, then be a traveler in your neighbourhood. Best of all, you can stay at the local competition’s place!

If actual travel isn’t possible, then at least go through the experience of searching for a place to stay on Airbnb.

This exercise, it’s about doing REAL market research and getting into the trenches.